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We can service all lock types


Padlocks are straight forward in that there are not a large amount of available options. There are keyable and non - rekeyable padlocks. If a padlock is not rekeyable then you cannot change the key that opens the lock. 


In addition there are also padlocks that are classified as key retaining or non-key retaining. A key retaining padlock means when the padlock is open the key cannot be removed. Lastly padlocks with a shrouded shackle which is where the shoulders of the padlock raise up the sides of the shackle to make it far harder for bolt cutters to cut




Deadbolts have many more options than padlocks as all deadbolts that we sell are rekeyable. There are a variety of deadbolt options which include single sided deadbolts, double deadbolt and lockable thumbturn. All of these have various advantages and disadvantages depending on the location it is to be installed. Install deadbolt to your home or business or change the deadbolt barrel to improve security to your home or business.



Knob Locks


Knob locks are a common and frequently installed in residential dwellings on external doors. Commonly used in conjunction with a deadbolt system, knob locks are often used as the first point of door security. However used alone these are insufficient to provide optimum security for your home or business.    


Lever Handle Locks


Lever handle locks are frequently used for inner doors, primarily in commercial settings the large push down style handle provides stylish entry throughout the building. Similar to a knob lock the lever handle makes opening doors much more simple.


Cam Locks

Cam locks are used in many different applications however are more frequently seen in office settings as they are used to secure filing cabinets. Available in different lengths they all have a common metal piece on the back of them called a tailpiece or the cam. This is the actual locking mechanism of the Cam lock.


Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro profile cylinders (AKA DIN cylinders) are frequently used in locking devices in Europe and other parts of the world.


Wall Mounted Locks

Wall mounted locks are locks that are actually mounted in the wall. The most common type of wall mounted lock would be the Knox-Box or fireman's box style lock found in many larger businesses as an emergency access to the buildings keys.


Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders


Interchangeable Core Cylinders are frequently used in larger institutions and businesses and are known for their easy ability to re-key the lock by swapping out the core without taking the lock apart.


Furniture Locks


This category of locks actually covers a variety of locks including cabinet, desk, and sliding door locks. There are two primary styles of furniture lock, bolt style and push button style.


Vending / T-Handling Locks


These locks are primarily found in vending machines and T-Handle locks although they are sometimes used in other applications.


Other Locks


There are many other types of locks that we can work with from deposit box locks, safe locks and switch locks just to name a few. We recommend contacting our locksmith specialist should you have a question about a particular lock you might have. Contact Eastern Suburbs Security

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