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Sydney Mobile Key Cutting

Even though we use keys everyday how often do you think about your keys and how they are made? Times have changed and Key cutting isn’t what it used to be.


There are many types of key cutting which determines which key cutting machine type you use. Today Australian locksmiths are using state of the art machinery to perform all types of key cutting. The most typically key cutting used machines are semi automatic, automatic, code key and a laser key cutter.


Semi automatic key cutting machine is usually used because it does most of the work itself. A qualified locksmith will place the original key in the vice grip and the duplicate key is placed in another area of the machine. A micro meter then traces the outline of the original key and cuts the duplicate key with a high speed blade.


Once the key duplication is completed the machine goes over the key to make sure there are no loose spurs of metal and makes sure that the duplicate key is an exact copy of the original.


An automatic key cutting machine does all of the work itself, tracing the outline of the original key and cutting the duplicate key from this traced outline, it takes the automatic key cutting machine 20 second to make a duplicate key.


A laser key cutting machine works the same way an automatic key cutting machine does. The only difference is it uses lasers instead of blades. A code key cutting machine literally makes keys in seconds for coded key cards. The code key cutting machine copies the notches in the original card, then a blank card is inserted and created into a duplicate key card. 


All of these machines must be handled by an experienced professional like a sydney locksmith.


This ensures that each key cut is of a quality standard. Eastern Suburbs Security Locksmith provide mobile key cutting in the Eastern Suburb and Sydney areas.

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