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Eastern Suburbs Tips and Brands

Home & Business Lock Tips

When having your keys cut, always get them done from a locksmith


Spray your lcoks at least every three months, even more if your close to the ocean due to the salt. 


Use a silicon based lubricant for better results


Never spray oil or WD40 in the key hole


If a lock gets loose tighten if you can identify the problem do not pull the lock apart beyond your knowledge or call locksmith before you become locked out or in. 


If you have floor mounted bolts keep the holes in the ground free of dirt and debris 


Buy or make sure your locksmith uses good quality locks 


Home & Business Alarm Tips


Keep sensors free of spider webs and insects


Test your alarm regularly 


Test the battery regularly by switching off the power or checking the panel or keypad for battery light


Ensure you keep emergency contact details up to date with monitoring agencies


Going on holiday Tips

Let your neighbour or neighbours know how long you will be away for


Dont leave your garbage bins out the front


Get your neighbour or a friend to collect all your mail to avoid a build up in your letter box


Have a timer on a couple of lamps inside your home to give the appearance someone is home


Put away all tools around the yard and ensure ladders are locked away


Install a small hidden safe to secure your valuables whilst away


Make sure your home alarm system is operating correctly


Ensure all your doors, windows, internal doors and garages are closed, locked and secured

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